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OSPod Episode 67: Blue at PAX, Bathos, and Gritty Etiquette!

What's that behind you! It's a totally important and not at all undercut serious episode of the Overly Sarcastic Podcast! Also in this episode; Blue recaps his panel w...

OSBonus: Oops All Artists Special!

Blue is away so the artists will play! Red and Indigo are joined by JoCat and Echo Gillette to talk about their creative process, finding their style, and answer your ...

OSPod Episode 66: Arcane Detailed Diatribes, Sparta, and Special Guest Sarah Z!

The OSPod crew is joined by YouTuber Sarah Z this week as we unpack everything from the proper viewing order for Spartan history to the powerful touch of a lesbian in ...

OSPod Episode 65: Ancient Greek Post-Apocalypses, Those Dang Phones, and Divine Beast Vah Epona!

We're calling from the pasttttt OoohhOOhhhhHHHOOOO! This episode was recorded pretty far in advance, but that hasn't stopped us from talking about those dang phones an...

OSPod Episode 64: Julius Caesar, Shippeitaro, and Chaotic Music Choices!

After a rousing performance by the OSPlayers, the crew gathers once more to talk Julius Caesar (famously from 44 BC) and Shippeitaro. Plus, Indigo reveals a wild way t...

OSPod Episode 63: God of War, Betrayals, and a Big Ole' Spoiler Warning!

WARNING! This episode contains spoilers for God of War: Ragnarok. Please do not @ us when you are spoiled for this game. Unlike Red's video subject this week, we're no...

OSPod Episode 62: Ursa Major, Great Zimbabwe, and Particular Props!

Back in the swing of things, the OSPod crew tackles their most recent videos and decides on their dream pool noodles to own! Red geeks out about the stars, as per the ...

OSPod Episode 61: Henry VIII, the Heart, and OSP's Axe!

Happy Valentine's Day from OSP! We're back from vacation and ready to dive back in to some delicious, delicious content. Blue talks Henry VIII, Red's got thoughts on t...

OSPod Episode 60: Tribune Tower, Power Ups, and Dante's Dunkin'

We talk the Tribune Tower, Power Ups, and more on this edition of the OSPod!

OSPod Episode 59: Journeying Even More West, Saint Nick, and Blue's New Character Turn

Red, Blue, and Indigo kick off the New Year with a return to your regularly scheduled OSPod!

OSBonus: An Overly Sarcastic New Years Special!

Happy New Year! Team OSP recounts the last year's ups and downs in this bonus episode of the Overly Sarcastic Podcast.

OSPod Episode 58: Idiot Plots, Roman Assassins, and DoomCo Designs!

DoomCo Designs joins the OSPod crew for our last regular episode of the year!

OSPod Episode 57: Greek Wedding Crashers, 10 Years of OSP, and Special guest Ludohistory!

Yellow joins the podcast as we celebrate Greek party crashers and OSP's 10th birthday!

OSPod Episode 56: Doomed Heroes, Rome After Empire, and Martin Woofer

Doomed heroes, Rome after empire, and dog-based movie pitches abound on this episode of the Overly Sarcastic Podcast!

OSPod Episode 55: The Scottish Play, Icelandic Sagas, and a Time Heist Halloween!

Happy Halloween from the OSPod! We celebrate in style recapping not one but two special videos!

OSPod Episode 54: Virgil, Lampshading, and Guest Star Armando Torres!

Armando Torres joins the OSPod crew to talk Virgil, Lampshading, and haunted real estate!

OSPod Episode 53: Marble Cities, Sea Monsters, and Special Guest ToldInStone!

ToldInStone swings by to talk Rome and beyond on this guest episode of the Overly Sarcastic Podcast!

OSPod Episode 52: Rome Again, Deus Ex Machina, and Croissant Chaos

Red and Blue are...together again! Two weeks in a row of the dynamic duo AS a duo? What will we record next!

OSPod Episode 50: Conservation of Ninjutsu, 2 Million Special, and Supervillains on Skates

It's the 50th episode of the OSPod...AND a 2 million subscriber celebration!? Whew, what a week!

OSPod Episode 48: Second in Commands, Early America, and Red's Ideal Isekai

The gang chats second in commands, early North America, and many questionable questions in this episode of the OSPod!

OSPod Episode 47: Superman, Thoth, and Blue's Deep Dark Secret

The OSPod crew talks their latest videos, Vidcon, and She-ra. What, we can't enjoy TV late?

OSPod Episode 46: Space Horror, Mycenaeans, and Indigo's War with a Clock

Hello from the world of tomorrow! We recorded early for Vidcon, hope we didn't miss much!

OSPod Episode 45: Epics, Greek Relationship Drama, and a Surprise Cyan!

Cyan joins the gang to round out a full trio of aces for Pride on this special guest episode of the OSPod!

OSPod Episode 44: Kitten Squishers Inc, Dr Strange, and A New Threat to the Force

Are...are we the podcasters? Yes. Very definitively, and we're back for another go at the OSPod!

OSBonus: Avatar the Last Airbender (feat. Hello Future Me)

Hello Future Me's Tim joins the OS crew to talk Avatar....obviously not the blue people one, c'mon guys.

OSPod Episode 41: Ukraine, Actaeon, and Building a Better Lego

Red, Blue, and Indigo tackle world domination and some other stuff on another episode of the OSPod!