OSPod Episode 35: Maps, Dragonball, and the Importance of Good PR

Red and Blue have a low-key week and show a lil behind the scenes in this episode of the OSPod!
HHRRAAAAAHHHHH! Power up! It's time for another installment of the OSPod! On this episode we take a little journey through the place where we currently are to chat maps with Blue, learn that indeed everything is Dragonball with Red, and develop Ganon's new PR strategy with Indigo. All three of these plotlines could end the world as we know it....guess you'll just have to find out next time on the Overly Sarcastic Podcast!

Our podcast, like our videos, sometimes touches on the violence, assaults, and murders your English required reading list loves (also we curse sometimes). Treat us like a TV-14 show.

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