OSPod Episode 31: Hyrule's Real Estate, Smart Guys, and Dominic Noble!

Dominic Noble joins the gang on another installment of the OSPod!
On this episode Dominic Noble stopped by, so we were sure to be on our best behavior! Red and Indigo bully Blue about Bionicle, we throw hands over Discworld characters, and made Blue do a real actual spit take. Somehow, the trope talk was the least spicy part of this week's episode, I know, I'm just as surprised as all of you!

Our podcast, like our videos, sometimes touches on the violence, assaults, and murders your English required reading list loves (also we curse sometimes). Treat us like a TV-14 show.

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YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/TheDom
Twitter: @Dominic_Noble

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